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The Background

The game is inspired by the credit crisis and by the way that money is conceived. Wanna know more? Click here.

The Game

Learn more about the game and gameplay of Money Maker Deluxe, the financial city builder game.

The Team

Money maker deluxe is an extraordinary project made by ordinary people just like you! Click here to find out just how ordinary we are.

The Game

Change the future of money
Can you be a better banker?

Money Maker Deluxe is a city builder from a bankers’ perspective. At your disposal are all of the tools a bank has. Use them to build a thriving business empire in a thriving city. Borrow, buy, trade, print and fraud your way to become the biggest and baddest loanshark in town! Or grow gradually and safely, abiding the golden standard, to withstand the toughest storms together with your community. Which it will be is up to you. What kind of banker would you be? Find out, in MoneyMaker Deluxe!

  • Radical

    More constructive than throwing bricks

  • Austrian Economics

    More accurate than Keynesianism

  • City Builder

    More fun than working for a bank

  • Reserve Ratio

    More money lent out than you actually have


The Team

three of the core members that make up Firebrush Studios
Martijn Poels
Lead Business
Would you love to do some crowdfunding, but you need help figuring out how it works? Would you love to get connected to the big guys in game development, and need someone who can introduce you? Are you in desperate need for a most delicious chicken curry recepy? Martijn is your man to talk to! At Firebrush, Martijn takes care of all things business, administration and chicken curry related.
Paul Brinkkemper
Lead progammer
When he was about four years old, Paul saw the grown ups as boring people who could only talk about boring mortgages and taxes. How can that possibly be more exiting than just playing games? He vowed to never grow up and instead learned how to create video games. But a sudden financial market crash instilled a obsession with the workings of of banking and he started to work on a video game about money creation. Today Paul talks more about mortgages and taxes than he would like to admit.
Alex Kappelhoff
Lead artist
Creator of worlds, breathing life into animations, is Alex’s daily bread. All of the look and feel of things that are visual or moving in our games pass through his hands. While graduating his education of animation and fine arts, he briefly opted for a carreer as a rebel leader in the uprising against banker’s oppression; throwing molotov cocktails at ECB austerity protests. But instead he opted to apply his skills more productively and create beautifull video games.

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